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Post-traumatic stress affects 8% percent of our American population at any given moment. As of today, over 44 million people in our country have dealt with it.

PTS Theater provides a safe environment for individuals to explore the emotions resulting from major psychological trauma. We do this via our therapeutic stage play, ‘Scars’, that focuses on the trajectory of a young soldier as he goes to war, works as a medic in a battle hospital, and returns home seeking peace for himself and his family.

What People are saying about Scars Theater Project...

We felt so honored to be at the premiere reading of SARS. It was so very impactful and opened a whole new look at the difficulties our veterans face coming home and trying to readjust to life here after all they have experienced abroad. It was powerful, very well portrayed. How glad I am that it opened my eyes to how I might be able to help our son, the firefighter. May this play continue to open our eyes and hearts to PTSD. [Mother of a son diagnosed with PTSD, S.M. Lake Oswego, OR]

I thought the play was first class. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the play. Actors, casting and content were outstanding. A video of this play needs to be mandatory viewing for every deploying soldier headed to a combat zone along with other appropriate educational material and counseling prior to deployment. Upfront counseling and education, I think, would go a long way to help our young men and women face, process and handle PTSD, and thus reduce the harm and tragedy they may face when returning home. [Retired army colonel, C.C. Portland, OR]

SCARS was such a success and it seemed that all that I spoke to were very moved and more informed about PTSD than they had been prior to arriving for the evening. The combination of the escalating emotions and the struggle for understanding in the characters creates a response in the viewer that mirrors the story. Thus, there is enough of an understanding to begin to have concern and compassion for those suffering from and because of these tragic situations. This begins the process that will help many people. (Massage therapist, A.E. Portland, OR)

I am so glad this story is being told on stage! I look forward to reading the book SCARS. I was in tears often as the lead actor shared his experiences as a combat medic in Afghanistan. During the play, I often thought of a dear friend who served in the Marine Corps. Thank you for bringing us a deeper awareness and experience of PTSD, mental illness and homelessness among our vets. This play and project is important. I am most grateful. (H.E. Lake Oswego, OR)

The SCARS cast and presentation were terrific. It was hard for me to watch without getting a little emotional. Memories of a very similar nature come flying back, so be assured the play especially conveys intense feelings associated with PTSD. My wife keeps telling me how long I was in denial -- most of our marriage. I owe her more than I can ever repay. [Vietnam vet, E.M. Portland, OR]

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