What is Post Traumatic Stress?

According to a Google search, more than ten million references will appear!

In his excellent book, Once A Warrior -- Always A Warrior, Colonel Charles Hoge, MD states:

"What I'm considering is how each person experiences the condition, or what they perceive the condition to be. For warriors, PTSD can be a day-to-day experience of living with memories they want to forget, staying constantly alert to dangers or perceived dangers others don't pay attention to, enduring sleepless nights, and reacting to things at home as if still in the war zone."

The symptoms of PTS are usually grouped into three categories:

  • Re-experiencing symptoms (flashbacks, bad dreams, frightening thoughts),
  • Avoidance symptoms (isolating, feeling emotionally numb, feeling strong guilt or depression, losing interest in activities previously enjoyed, difficulty remembering the dangerous event), and
  • Hyperarousal symptoms (being easily startled, feeling tense or on edge, having difficulty sleeping, having angry outbursts).

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury or concussion symptoms often are temporary and may include some of the following: momentary loss of consciousness, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, fatigue, mood changes, problems with memory, and difficulties with concentration, attention or thinking. Some of these and other aspects of PTS and mild TBI are part of the story of “SCARS".

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